Increase 50% More on Your Mining Profit

Add up the additional income source on your GPU

When it comes to the profit point of mining these days, Mininers are hardly able to make a profit due to the cost of electricity power. It is due to the cause of lowered value of cryptocurrency but also the GPUs have no alternative income source.

AI Crypto provides miners with this additional income source, Deep Learning. AI Crypto provides developers with the lower cost of Deep Learning by utilizing available GPUs in the world. Extending such income sources will bring the better profit on each of GPUs by the consequence.

AI Multi Mining: Crypto Mining & AI Mining

Easy Conversion Between Mining and Deep Learning on Request

Mining pools and Miners will get the higher return by means of AI Mining and Multi-Mining.Deep Learning algorithms will be automatically applied on existing hash algorithms.The most operations are subject to Deep Learning and the difficultiy of existing hash will be much easier as a result.

Work Better on the large scale of GPUs

AIC technology will help AI Companies operate and run the large scale of GPUs efficiently and conveniently and make it easy to utilize Deep Learning by mining pools with the large scale of GPUs

AI Crypto Mining Gaurantees to Deliver the Constant High Return.

Currently, the cost of borrowing GPUs from AWS is $ 0.9 to $ 24 per hour. The expensive one is well over $10,000 a month. In general, multiple GPUs are used, resulting extremely expensive cost. AIC’s distributive GPU system uses GPUs all over the world for deep-learning training, offering GPUs to the developers at a low price and a higher return to the miners.